[Podcast] Commercial Excellence in Pharma – Thomas & Arne’s Key Takeaways

April 24th, 2019|

"The key to get to speed and rapid iteration is to work more iteratively." For more insights listen to Thomas and Arne's key takeaways on developments and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

[Case Study] A New Commercial Model: Improving Patient Access through Integrated Personal and Non-Personal Promotion

April 17th, 2019|

Building global MCM capabilities that can be leveraged across all markets promises significant economies of scale. So let's take a look at what the local differences are that need be considered and the challenges of deploying MCM globally, and how biopharma companies can set themselves up for success.

[Podcast] Building Global Multi-Channel Marketing Capabilities – Obstacles and Key Success Factors

April 3rd, 2019|

"The ability to make your solution scalable on a global level depends on your ability to target the right markets with the right solutions." - Jerry Julian | Director, Global Program Management - Multi-channel Marketing, Sanofi

[Article] Change Initiatives Can Succeed

March 28th, 2019|

Change management is the currency of successful organizations, yet it often fails. The ability to adapt and flourish requires understanding what promotes success and what factors doom change initiatives to fail. Measuring and proving the value of change promotes the future capacity to adapt, transform, and be agile. Read here for more insights on approaches for reaching success with change management.

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