Steve Crom

Steve Crom, (CEO & Partner) aka “Yoda”. He says that “consultant years are like dog years – 7 to 1 human year.” That means he is at least 230 years old!

Roberto Copercini

Roberto Copercini, (Director) aka “The Historian”. From Greek Mythology through modern times, he puts whatever is happening in context and sees the bigger picture.

Arne Buthmann

Arne Buthmann, (Partner) aka “The Chocolatier”. For a piece of dark chocolate he will go a long way. In fact, he might even run the extra mile.

Nobuyuki Ota

Nobu Ota, (Partner) aka “The Positive Deviant”. Tall, fluent in Italian, French and English, a global citizen, he is a positive Japanese exception in so many ways.

Andrew MacNeil

Andrew MacNeil, (Director) aka “The Sense Maker”. The more complex and entangled a situation is, the better he is at making sense of it.

Thomas Bertels

Thomas Bertels, (Partner) aka “The Pragmatist”. Thomas believes in pragmatic and agile implementation plans tailored to the client’s constraints.

Friedemann Lutz

Friedemann Lutz, (Director) aka “The Johnny Appleseed”. Planting and helping harvest creative ideas and new ways of working is his passion.

Edoardo Monopoli

Edoardo Monopoli, (Partner) aka “The Magician”. He has the uncanny ability to create innovative solutions out of thin air. He also looks like a famous magician. Guess who?

Marjorie Derven

Marjorie Derven, (Director) aka “The Anthropologist”. Always fascinated by understanding people and the context in which they operate, Marjorie enjoys working with organizational cultures to  accomplish great results!

Massimo Appiotti

Massimo Appiotti, (Partner) aka “The Alchemist”. Whether it is in business, with people or wine and food, he is a genius at the right pairing.

Emmanuel Grimaud

Emmanuel Grimaud, (Director) aka “The Renaissance Man”. You name it, he’s done it: entrepreneur, head of regulatory authority, airplane pilot, now consultant. He is your man!


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