Assessing opportunities

Assessing opportunities:

Where to focus to get the biggest effect from your improvement efforts? We are experts in identifying business improvement opportunities across the value chain from forecasting to cash collection. This results in an executable project portfolio with related business cases. Our approach engages employees and empowers internal teams, thereby creating internal ownership of assessment outcomes to help ensure successful implementation.

A mid-sized pharma company with a manufacturing network across Europe faced the need to find significant cost saving opportunities. We helped to identify (and later execute) projects worth 7 million Euros in hard savings.
Leading the lean transformation

Leading the lean transformation:

Breakthrough improvement requires operators to take ownership of their processes and leaders to drive improvements. Our Lean Transformation approach connects the shop floor to the boardroom. We guide and coach leaders as role models, critical to creating a lean culture. It’s exciting to see, when processes get simpler, people become more goal-oriented, and sites overachieve their objectives.

A manufacturer systematically drove performance improvement through visual performance management. Within four months, the goal of “increasing output by 25% while holding costs constant” was exceeded. This resulted in a cultural change of process ownership and continuous improvement.
Managing the extended value stream

Managing the extended value stream:

Are you really managing your extended Value Streams end-to-end? Our experience is that it’s best to visualize the entire process, then tackle it in small steps. We help you create a Value Stream orientation, getting to results quickly by understanding key process obstacles (bottlenecks in processes as well as organizational). Rather than focusing on local problems with little effect, taking a Value Stream orientation results in sustainable, significant impact throughout the Supply Chain.

A medical products company improved its overall supply chain, from forecasting through in-house assembly to shipment. We helped address poor forecast quality and high variation in supplier performance through systematic minimum safety stocks, better flow of information on critical parts, better alignment of logistics and production. The success was the result of redesigning the organization, creating more transparent performance methods, and continuously improving processes.
Building capabilities for internal continuous improvement leaders

Building capabilities for internal continuous improvement leaders:

Capability building is a key element to sustain success. We offer a number of courses that support continuous improvement: basic Lean methods, advanced techniques from the Operational Excellence Toolbox, Lean Leadership, classical DMAIC (Green Belt, Black Belt), Project Management for Improvement and Change, and Statistical Tools. We offer trainings virtually, at Gemba or individually for leaders.

Since 1999, we have trained more than 10,000 Green and Black Belts in the application of Lean Six Sigma tools in global, international, and local companies of all sizes, and in multiple industries. We have supported, directly as consultants or indirectly as project coaches, thousands of improvement projects that have collectively contributed to over 10 million Euros in annual hard savings.

Please see our  Valeocon Training Catalogue 2018-2019 for details.

Designing products for quality and lean production

Designing products for quality and lean production:

Is it possible to launch new products, staying on time and within budget, without “heroic efforts” at the last minute to meet customer and regulatory requirements? The answer is yes! It requires the systematic application of appropriate methods from Requirements Management and Robust Product/Process Design combined with an Agile Project Management approach.

We supported a global Medical Diagnostics Company to improve their new product introduction process by piloting and customizing state-of-the-art methodologies followed by a global training and roll-out process, reducing pre-launch efforts by 50%.


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