Management Consulting

Inventing new businesses

Inventing new businesses:

From unmet customer needs, to compelling value propositions to new sources of revenue, we help make business model innovation a reality. Once a new business idea has germinated, the challenge is how to help it grow to maturity given the weight and demands of the existing business. Beyond the technology and business challenges we help create the cultural milieu in which new businesses can thrive.

Client case study: Existing businesses have capabilities they undervalue that can be leveraged as new businesses. We supported an electronic toll collection company to identify new revenue growth opportunities through business model innovation, resulting in the launch of a new product.

Designing fit-for-purpose operating models

Designing fit-for-purpose operating models:

Complexity increases daily: customers expect more, regulators demand more, the shareholders want more. Spot solutions like a new computer system or reorganizing are no longer sufficient. Taking a systematic, balanced view, we help clients adapt by creating, improving and aligning the vital elements of their operating model.

Client case study: A leading Trust Management company decided to build a strategic advantage through managing complexity. A new law requiring disclosure of capital was used as an opportunity to create an agile operating model encompassing organization structure, processes, people and performance management.
Redesigning to be customer-friendly and simple

Redesigning to be customer-friendly and simple:

Those working day-to-day in the business have ideas for making what they do more customer-oriented, user friendly, productive and fun. Whether it is developing a new product, fulfilling orders or responding to customer inquiries, we help design and implement more efficient and effective ways of working that unlock the hidden potential in your business.

Client case study: Every 2 years, nearly 60% of a client’s business was up for bid, at risk from competitive suppliers. Globally the client had pockets of excellence in every aspect of bidding for new business from shaping the market to contract management. Pulling that know-how together to create a systematic global capability was the challenge. It involved understanding the business case, developing a compelling value proposition, defining processes, creating receptivity among markets with different needs and stages of maturity.

Strengthening capabilities

Strengthening capabilities:

New strategies, and executing existing strategies, often call for new capabilities. What skills, knowledge and attitudes are needed? What is the best way to organize those resources? What structures, processes, ways of measuring and managing performance have to be adapted? Building on each client’s unique business challenges and starting point, we help diagnose their need, current capabilities and the gaps to fill. A pragmatic approach to implementation is developed with the client based on their need, abilities, appetite to invest and risk profile.

Client case study: By redefining Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls, a pharma client brought the first triple formulation respiratory product to the market years ahead of the competition. It required re-organizing and strengthening capabilities for over 100 people in three R&D functions. Collaborating with 3rd party R&D providers (CMO’s, CRO;s) was one of the new capabilities developed.


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