In this podcast, Thomas Bertels and Arne Buthmann reflect on the key insights from the first fourteen interviews with life sciences thought leaders from our Commercial Excellence in Pharma podcast series:

1. The fundamental shift from pricing to value and the rapid spread of digital requires a re-thinking of the commercial model.

2. Being able to quickly derive real-time insights from data is critical, requiring an investment in data operations and analytical capabilities.

3. Multi-channel marketing is crucial to overcome access barriers.

4. With customers having access to a lot of information, the role of the representative needs to evolve to effectively utilize the salesforce.

5. The rapid pace of change will require increased agility: operating models will need to be redesigned to allow for quick, continuous iterations.

6. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is crucial to master the increased complexity of highly matrixed organizations.

7. The benefits of leveraging global platforms and capabilities needs to be aligned with the unique needs of local markets.

8. Commercial excellence leaders need to invest in people and processes and develop a clear strategy for building the critical capabilities.

9. Developing a deep understanding of the patient experience and customer journey is crucial to avoid too much emphasis on the internal perspective.

10.It is imperative to have operating models that are agile and flexible and can change quickly as technology and business needs change.

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